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Our family loves the Maine coast, where we live….

Around here, many-colored lobster buoys are everywhere, dotting bays and coves by the hundreds, heaped in lobster fishermen’s front yards, and hanging from weathered lobster shacks.

Lobster fishermen paint their buoys with distinctive color combinations, so they can tell whose traps are whose out on the water.

Lobster buoys are an icon of the Maine coast for everyone who lives or visits here. 

Our family also loves candy. And so it happened that one day—as we passed a local lobster wharf, our daughter enjoying a lollipop—we had a flash of inspiration: Let’s make lollipops that look like little lobster buoys!

The vision for Buoy Pops quickly took shape. From our family to yours, now we are proud to offer delicious, handmade lollipops, made of the finest chocolate, shaped just like real lobster buoys, wrapped in colorful foil. Buoy Pops are the perfect way to celebrate the joy and heritage of the Maine coast.

Photo credits (top to bottom): iStock.com/demerzel21, iStock.com/Katie Dobies, Andrew Malone (Creative Commons), Paul VanDerWerf (Creative Commons), Dennis Jarvis (Creative Commons), Coastal Candies LLC.

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